☼ Louie Isaaman-Jones (b.1992)


a. Resolution of Opposites, 2018

b. (i) Fourth World Landscapes, 2017

b. (ii) Risograph prints, (A2), 2017

c. (i) Alpenblumen, gicleé prints (A2), 2016

c. (ii) Studies from Alpenblumen 2017

d. Fertile Ground, Logo & WEBSITE for a series of mixes, 2017

e. Pilot, music video (03:34)

f. Isabel Bonner, Lookbook, 2018

g. 1972: The Future of Sex, poster & flyer, offset (A2 & A5) 2016

h. (i) Comic strip for Melodies International, Open Soul, 2017

h.  (ii) Poster for Melodies International, DISCO BABY, 2017

i. If a Cat Like This is Supposed to be Evolved From a Tiger - Where Lies the Improvement??!!!, 2017

j. (i) Customs presents... WHATS GOOD?, 2018

j. (ii) Customs (various), 2018

k. Posters/Parties, 2017-18